Community Vitality

Strong evidence has linked social connectedness - the relationships people have with family, friends, coworkers, neighbours - with health. In fact, studies have shown this is one of the key factors shared among people who live to be 100 years old!

Community Belonging

Community Belonging

The percent of Waterloo Wellington residents who report a strong or very strong sense of belonging to their community has increased from 65.4% in 2011/2012 to 72.1% in 2013/14. This is a significant increase, and is notably higher than both the Ontario rate of 68.0% and the Canada rate of 66.2%! [1]

Dependency Ratio

The dependency ratio is measured as the number of dependents (children and seniors) for every 100 people in the working age population. The 2013 result for Waterloo Wellington is 60.4, which is similar to both the Canada and Ontario results. As seen below, the population size and distribution of Waterloo Wellington is expected to change substantially over the next two decades, with a larger relative proportion of seniors. In this scenario, we would expect the dependency ratio to increase. [2]

Waterloo Wellington population estimates 2016 Waterloo Wellington population estimates 2041
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