Studies have shown that people with more education tend to have longer, healthier lives. For example, higher levels of education are associated with lower risk of heart disease, lower risk of diabetes - it is even associated with fewer annual sick days away from work.

percent of residents with a high school degree

High School Graduation

88.5% of 25 to 29 year olds in Waterloo Wellington have a high school degree, as reported in 2011. This is similar to the Ontario rate of 90.8%, and the Canada rate of 88.4%. [4]

percent of residents who completed post-secondary education

Post-Secondary Education

64.2% of 25 to 54 year olds in Waterloo Wellington have completed a post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate, as of 2011. This ranks fifth among the LHINs, and is similar to the the Ontario rate of 67.2% and the Canada rate of 66.5%. [4]

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